We adhere to the highest standards of FICA, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations and are committed to maintaining them as such. All our employees and managers are also expected to do the same in order to prevent any abuse of our services for any criminal activities, money laundering or terrorist financing. In all our transactions we are therefore guided by the following principles:

Each transaction shall be risk assesses in accordance with the most stringent AML and KYC procedures.

We will also know all of our customers by verifying their real and authentic identify in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our business will be conducted in the most ethical standards in respect of all laws and regulations, denying service in cases where there is any suspicion of money laundering.

Where compelled by law or court order, we shall also fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies or take any other measures if we have reasonable grounds for suspecting money laundering.

All our present and future policies will be implemented in accordance with these anti money laundering principles, and we will ensure that all our staff and management will be thoroughly trained and informed on all policies and matters related to Anti Money Laundering and Know your customer.

Specific procedures are implemented for customer verification, record keeping and retention of transactional documents, and including but not limited to the reporting of suspicious transactions.

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